North Cyprus Holidays

North Cyprus is for one and all. North Cyprus is for foodies, travelers, historians, naturalists, ornithologists, trekkers etc...

If you are wondering where to go this summer for an exciting holiday experience then just do not think of any other place rather than North Cyprus. Yes, this island can be an ideal destination for your winter holidays or summer holidays. This may just seem to be very smaller in size but just do not think that you are not going to see anything beautiful here. No, you will find each and every place to be extremely or inexplicably beautiful (because of the fact that it is lying in the med region, it has the characteristics of the best med beauty). If you are looking for wonderful experience of time, spent with your home mates, friends, colleagues or anyone then it is requisite that you should come here for wonderful days and nights. Just a visit to this small but limitlessly beautiful island will make you forget all your worries. You would love to be here on one of the best beaches (most of the beaches are present in and around Famagusta and Kyrenia), you would love to be here at one of the best hotels (there are a large number of hotels which are popular for their food, courtesy, friendliness, services and luxury), you can have this wonderful opportunity to spend your time with your loved ones. You can just simply do anything you would like to. You can have the freedom of doing anything you would love to. You can have the chance to go to the most historical places here (each and every monument here possess certain stories which are there).

North Cyprus for your wonderful holidays this summer

Are you looking for some time out on a holiday? Are you looking for a destination where you do not lose on your currency value due to exchange rates? Are you looking for beach holidays or couples holidays? If you are looking for fun and the one who is looking for budget-friendly holidays on the beach then it is the right time that you should book one of the best but the cheapest Ercan flights today and go to North Cyprus which has beauty and almost everything which a tourist may desire.

You will be amazed at the wonders of the beauty here on this smaller, med island.

Why shall you book your Northern Cyprus holidays today?

Your holidays in Northern Cyprus can just truly be like lullaby before a wonderful dream you ever have dreamt of. This island can rightly be called the secret of the med region. Yes, it can really be referred to as the med’s best secret but now it is for anyone who would love to be here for their holidays. You can’t expect to get what you all may want in any other place rather than here on this island. This is not just an ordinary island; it is one of the most famous tourist destinations which attract a large number of tourists not just from the UK but from many other parts of the world. If you are a true traveller then you would surely come here to this island as it is the best for any season holidays. Yes, you, as tourist, can come here any time of the year. No matter, whether it is summer or winter, no matter, whether it is the month of June-July or the month of Oct-Sept, you can come here any time. The climate here is always very wonderful. The best thing about the island is it has everything which a tourist destination should have (so, just grab any of the best late holiday deals today) Answering a common question

What do most of the tourists have on their mind when they plan for their holidays?


There are people who are fond of travelling. They have the intention of travelling or trekking any place they can. There can be tourists who just would love to spend their time, going about as many places as they can in order to fulfill their dreams or wishes of getting acquainted with different culture or tradition etc. Many of the travellers travel with an intention to grasp history of the place they are going to. They may have the intention to gain as much information as they can about a particular monument or a fort anywhere (What the tourist sometimes see on the web may intrigue them and as a result of the same they may like to go to that particular place as they would like to see with their own eyes. Those who have read about the monastic village near to Kyrenia or must have heard about it from a fellow traveler would surely love to come to this island in order to see what actually it may be like). Just a mere description of the island will be enough to intrigue any of the people.

Beautiful tourist attractions in North Cyprus


If you have heard of the beauty of the island or read about the island online then surely you would love to come here. What you read or what you hear about the island, the same things you will come across here. This should also be said here that this island has already been described by many of the writers and reviewers. If we are here talk one of the famous books: “Bitter Lemons”, then it can be very much plan for everyone to understand about how it can be beautiful for anyone who comes here. This island was the place for Lawrence Durrell who penned his book “Bitter Lemons” here (He had described in his book about his time here on the island).

The hidden jewel in the med


This hidden jewel in the med is one of the best islands and those whosoever may come here will truly be mesmerized by its glamorous beauty. The villages here have unusual attractions. Each and every village area here seems to be a bit different from the other. There can be lot many attractions in and around the villages. If you are yearning for peace and you are wondering where you can be able to spend your time in all loneliness and away from the hustle and bustle of the city-life then it is necessary that you spend your time in one of the village areas here. You will be amazed by the way, the villagers or the native Cypriots live here. One of the best and the most renowned villages here in and around Kyrenia is Bellapais village. Yes, this village is the village which has got a lot of attractions. Many of the tourists, those who are looking for some rest can simply come here. They can have the choice to stay at one of the best, luxury hotels too (Bellapais hotel is known to be very famous here and if you are not sure of whether you will be able to get your type of food or no then please do not be worried. You may get whatever you would like to. You can have the choice to taste the best and the most delectable sea food. You can have the choice to taste international dishes as well (Book your quality holidays or tailor made holidays today).

Tourist places that which you can go to when you are here in one of the best cities in North Cyprus such as Famagusta and Kyrenia during your all inclusive holidays

Most of the tourists find themselves in a sort of a trouble and show a bit of confusion when they will have to decide from where they have to begin their journey or their holidays on this island.Those who have been to this island a number of times may never have any difficulty in choosing from where they may have to make a beginning but for those who are here for the time, they get confused as they just simply find beauty everywhere round them.

What we can say in simpler words is this: this whole island is the best and you can begin your journey from anywhere. 

This island is the island which has got so many wonderful tourist spots. You can have the choice to go to the best tourist attractions in Famagusta or one of the best or the most renowned attractions in the Kyrenia. Yes, apart from these two famous tourist cities in Northern Cyprus, there are other cities and villages too which are equally beautiful and attractive where tourists can go to during your multi center holidays or twin center holidays etc.

Given below is a list of the most famous tourist attractions here in the Famagusta and Kyrenia. Some of the best places where tourist can go when they are in Famagusta for their winter or summer holidays may include: Tekke of Kutup Osman, Yirmisekiz Celebi Tomb, Varosha (Maras), Venetian palace, St Anthony Church Ruins, Othello's Tower, Salamis Ancient City, Sea Gate etc. Here are famous churches too such as Twin Churches, St Francis Church, St Nikolas Church and St Anna Church etc. You can visit mosques too such as Tanners' Mosque (Tabakhane Mosque), Sinan Pasha Mosque etc.

 If you are in Kyrenia then you should visit places here such as St Hilarion Castle, Sourp Magar Monastery, Vrysi, North Cyprus Herbarium, Panayia Melandryna Monastery, Monastery of Sinai, Kyrenia Castle, Bandabuliya, Bellapais Abbey, Buffavento Castle, Byzantine Catacombs etc. Here are famous churches too such as St Evlalios & St Evlambios Churches, St Fanourios Church, Chyrsopolitissa Church etc.

Go to any of the museums here to know more about the island here such as Fine Arts Museum, Folk Arts Museum, Shipwreck Museum, Peace & Freedom Museum etc.

Begin your journey from anywhere you would like to by grabbing any of the best holiday deals. One thing that you will find common among all the places here in the North Cyprus is the beauty. Yes, each and every place you visit here, you will come to know that there is beauty in everything here. No matter, where you go, whether to spend your time on one of the best Kyrenia or Famagusta beaches, or whether you go to see one of the best or the oldest forts or the castles here, or whether you go to any of the best historical places, you will certainly find yourself luckier to be here.
North Cyprus Holidays

North Cyprus is for one and all...................

North Cyprus Holidays